Woman touching her cheek and experiencing tooth pain after biting into an ice cream bar

Why is My Tooth Feeling Sensitive? 5 Possible Culprits

Do you feel a sharp pain in one or more of your teeth when eating or drinking substances that hot, cold, acidic, or sweet? Or does even breathing in the cold winter air cause your teeth to tingle? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people experience some type of teeth sensitivity every year. But […]

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Woman holds up ClearCorrect aligners for top and bottom teeth

Leave Behind these 5 Worries with ClearCorrect Aligners

The path to straightening teeth is often a crooked one. But it doesn’t have to be! ClearCorrect treatment makes aligning teeth a simpler process, with less hassle and pain for the patient. ClearCorrect providers, like those at Meridian Dental, offer their patients this orthodontic treatment that uses transparent, plastic aligners to move teeth into proper […]

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Illustration of dental crown being placed on a damaged tooth

What to Know Before Getting a Tooth Crown

Has your dentist recommended a crown for one or more of your teeth? Dental crowns are a common form of restorative dentistry that can protect and strengthen teeth in the hopes that teeth extraction can be avoided. But there’s a lot more to dental crowns than you may realize. What is the Purpose of a […]

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