Why is My Tooth Feeling Sensitive? 5 Possible Culprits

Do you feel a sharp pain in one or more of your teeth when eating or drinking substances that hot, cold, acidic, or sweet? Or does even breathing in the cold winter air cause your teeth to tingle? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people experience some type of teeth sensitivity every year. But this is a condition that, with help from a trusted local dentist, can be treated fairly easily, depending on the basic cause for sensitivity.

Patients in Wasilla and Palmer, AK can request an appointment with Meridian Dental to learn more about the source of their tooth sensitivity. In most cases, the problem is the result of one of the following culprits.

But first, understand that your tooth is equipped with features to protect itself from extreme temperatures, tastes, or other stimulants. It contains a protective enamel layer at its crown and neck, as well as a thin cementum layer and surrounding gums to protect the tooth’s root. When these layers start wearing away, your tooth’s sensitive dentin layer and its roots become exposed to the elements. When this happens, you begin to notice it acutely by those tooth pains we are all too familiar with.

Potential Causes of Sensitive Teeth

So what breaks down those layers or makes the sensitive parts of your tooth vulnerable to the elements?

1. Cracked Teeth

A crack in your tooth can open the way for decay to build up and weaken the entire tooth structure. This may be a large crack formed by years of grinding teeth or a sudden trauma, or a fracture so small you can hardly notice it or get a toothbrush in it to clean them out. But without restorative dentistry, a little fracture can become even more painful in the future.

2. Cavities

Another culprit may be all that Halloween candy coming back to haunt you. Sugar and plaque can build up in and around your teeth, forming cavities. If just a single tooth is experiencing sensitivity, a cavity will often be reason behind the pain.

3. Receding Gums or Periodontal Gum Disease

Enamel doesn’t coat teeth much lower than your gum line. So when gums begin to recede, whether due to gum disease, plaque buildup, or even excessive brushing, the cementum layer is exposed. Cementum is more sensitive to extremes it comes in contact with and only provides a small amount of protection for the even more sensitive dentin layer.

4. Root Infection

The root of the problem often lies with, well, the roots. Each outer layer of your tooth protects its roots which are the most sensitive part of your teeth. Sometimes, because of a cavity or cracked tooth left alone, an infection may make its way into your tooth. This can be extremely painful and needs quick attention from a dentist to preserve the tooth.

5. Acidic Diet

It may turn out that the acidic foods themselves are the reason behind why those foods and others are hurting your teeth. Whether that’s your daily Dr. Pepper, morning meal of grapefruit juice and scrambled eggs, or those cashews you munch on, these and other foods with high acidity are quick to break down that protective layer of enamel.

Treatment Solutions for Sensitive Teeth

Each case is different, so each sensitive tooth treatment will vary from patient to patient as well. Seeking help from a general dentist or family dentistry practice should be the first steps taken to determine which treatment your teeth require.

Cracked teeth may need a protective cap so that the fracture doesn’t expand down to the roots. This can be done in a single appointment with same-day crowns. If you grind your teeth, your dentist may recommend a mouthguard to prevent more cracks from forming. For small cracks in the grooves of the tooth, a sealant coating may be enough to help keep teeth clean and free of decay.

A cavity, on the other hand, may just need a simple composite filling for the sensitivity to subside after a few days. For receding gums, Meridian Dental offers non-surgical gum treatment that cleans out the area and smooths roots so they can reattach to the gums and hopefully prevent more plaque. Gum grafts or a fluoride resin may need to be applied in other cases.

In cases when a root infection is causing your sensitivity and pain, a root canal usually is the prescribed course of action. A tooth crown may also be sculpted and placed on the tooth to help protect it and prevent additional infections. When consuming foods and drinks with high acidic levels, your dentist may encourage a diet that limits the number of acidic substances you eat or drink among other precautions.

Find Relief for Your Teeth at Our Wasilla Dental Office

If you’re suffering from sensitive teeth, contact our Palmer and Wasilla, AK dentist, Dr. Kris Gurr, DDS. To prevent more complications down the road, come in as soon as you notice symptoms of sensitivity.

Our advanced family dental office in Wasilla serves patients throughout the Mat-Su valley with regular dental health services, advanced dental procedures, as well as cosmetic dentistry. We’ll identify that main cause for your overly sensitive teeth and determine the best course of action for your particular situation. Come get the relief your teeth need at Meridian Dental!

Leave Behind these 5 Worries with ClearCorrect Aligners

The path to straightening teeth is often a crooked one. But it doesn’t have to be! ClearCorrect treatment makes aligning teeth a simpler process, with less hassle and pain for the patient.

ClearCorrect providers, like those at Meridian Dental, offer their patients this orthodontic treatment that uses transparent, plastic aligners to move teeth into proper alignment over several months. The length of the treatment will vary depending on the patient’s malocclusion. Around every 2-3 weeks, the patient will receive a new set of custom ClearCorrect aligners that move teeth into straighter alignment than before.

We want patients to be excited about receiving this teeth aligning treatment, not anxious. You should have a smile you aren’t afraid to hide and ClearCorrect can make that possible! Here are 5 worries you can leave at the door when you step into Meridian Dental for your ClearCorrect aligners, available for patients in Wasilla, Palmer, and surrounding areas in Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley.

Worry #1: Getting Food Stuck Between Teeth
Braces may be the most common orthodontic treatment, but its metal brackets or wires can’t be removed, except by your orthodontist or dentist. ClearCorrect aligners, however, are an alternative orthodontic treatment that are removable!

This means that you won’t have to trouble with food getting lodged between teeth or around brackets. Plastic aligners can and should be removed during meals, giving you a lot more freedom to continue eating what you would like.

Worry #2: Difficulty to Maintain
Because a patient is unable to remove braces, building up food and plaque, this treatment also makes it hard to keep teeth clean. Many patients even floss less frequently (or not at all) because flossing under the metal wires is such an ordeal.

Patients with ClearCorrect should remove their aligners when brushing as well. With no brackets or wires to get in the way, teeth can be cleaned thoroughly without any obstructions for better dental health. Keeping the aligners clean doesn’t require much maintenance either.

Worry #3: Discomfort During Treatment
Many patients have heard disheartening stories about friends experiencing extreme discomfort when their braces are tightened, or when a wire pops out and forms sores on the walls of their mouth. But not with ClearCorrect!

The pressure you’ll feel with each new set of ClearCorrect aligners is not nearly as painful as tightening braces. Furthermore, the edges and surface of aligners are smooth and won’t cause extra pain from sores in your mouth.

Worry #4: People Noticing Aligners
ClearCorrect’s clear aligners are nearly invisible when a patient is wearing them. This is especially important for adults who want to correct teeth alignment, but don’t want braces or aligners to affect how they look. While braces can be an eyesore, ClearCorrect is a convenient treatment for patients by not drawing any unwanted attention to your mouth.

Worry #5: The Results
We understand that the final results of ClearCorrect treatment is a big concern for patients. Results will vary from person to person and effectiveness depends a lot on the severity of misalignment. That being said, ClearCorrect can often align teeth quicker than braces can with the same beautiful outcome.

One key to getting the best results from your ClearCorrect aligners is to wear them as much as you can, preferably 20-22 hours per day. Keep them in except to eat and brush teeth! More responsibility is on you to make ClearCorrect treatment work well, but when you do keep aligners in, the results are remarkable.

Schedule a ClearCorrect Consultation Appointment

ClearCorrect teeth alignment is a great solution for adults and teenagers alike who want to straighten teeth, without the hassle of braces. A less painful, quicker, and more convenient treatment, ClearCorrect is helping millions of patients get the smiles they’ve been wanting.

Talk with Meridian Dental’s dentist today to see if ClearCorrect is the best orthodontic option for straightening your crooked teeth, closing teeth gaps, or fixing other alignment issues.

What to Know Before Getting a Tooth Crown

Has your dentist recommended a crown for one or more of your teeth? Dental crowns are a common form of restorative dentistry that can protect and strengthen teeth in the hopes that teeth extraction can be avoided. But there’s a lot more to dental crowns than you may realize.

What is the Purpose of a Crown?

A tooth crown is used to guard and support a tooth when it is severely cracked, weakened, or broken. It can be made with several different materials including porcelain, ceramic, or resin. The crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, is fitted over the remaining tooth after the area has been cleaned and prepared for the crown. Dental crowns resemble other teeth in both color and shape.

Learn more about this procedure and what you can expect after getting your crown below, and talk with our dentist at Meridian Dental for more information. Schedule a free crown consultation at our dental office in Wasilla, AK!

  1. Not all tooth decay will require a tooth crown. Small cracks in teeth usually don’t require a crown. In these cases, another form of restorative dentistry, fillings, are used. In other cases, decay or a fracture may have made its way down into a tooth’s roots. Before a tooth crown is placed to support the vulnerable tooth in such a situation, root canal treatment may be performed.A good judge for whether or not a tooth crown is needed is its structural soundness. Infected roots and large cracks can deteriorate a tooth’s structure much quicker and more severely than a small cavity and will most likely need a dental crown. For lighter cases of tooth decay, often fillings will suffice.
  2. Getting a filling now doesn’t mean that you won’t need a tooth crown later. In cases when a filling would be the best solution, just be aware that the filling will not eliminate future need for a tooth crown. Other cavities or fractures could compromise dental structure even after a filling was placed. Patients who grind teeth or bite forcibly also can weaken their teeth and wear down previous fillings until a tooth crown is required.
  3. Tooth decay isn’t the only reason to get a same-day crown.Extreme fractures and decay are only a few causes for a dentist to suggest tooth crowns. Other reasons for recommending a tooth crown can include:

    • Cosmetic purposes: Your dentist may place dental crowns over discolored or stained teeth to blend better with surrounding teeth.
    • Dental implants: Tooth crowns can act as covers for dental implants as well.
    • Tooth bridges or dentures: To anchor down prosthetic teeth in a tooth bridge or dentures, a dental crown may be used, either with a dental implant or cemented onto an existing tooth.
  4. Waiting for a tooth crown sometimes can worsen the problem. Every case is different. Not everyone will experience complications by waiting to receive crowns when they are needed. But for some patients, postponing a crown appointment can cause decay or fractures to worsen. This may lead to the patient needing a root canal or even extracting the tooth altogether.
  5. Even permanent crowns won’t last forever. Like other teeth, a longer lifespan for your crown will depend on how well you take care of it. Wear protective teeth splints if you grind teeth, and avoid eating sticky or hard foods. Brush and floss every day, especially where the crown meets the tooth.If you neglect good dental hygiene habits such as these, bacteria buildup can form under the crown, weakening and deteriorating the tooth all over again. But if you take good care of your tooth crown, it will last generally 10 or so years.
  6. Patients can get crowns in a single visit.In the past, patients had to schedule two appointments to get a permanent crown. During the first appointment, a mold would be made for the final crown and the patient would leave with a temporary crown. The mold would be sent to a dental laboratory where the permanent crown was sculpted. Once completed, the individual could come in for their second appointment when the new permanent crown was fitted and cemented onto the tooth.While the two appointment approach is still an option for patients, now you can opt for same-day crowns instead. As the name implies, same-day dental crowns are molded, milled, and bonded onto the remaining tooth in a single appointment.This is a great alternative for patients with busy schedules or individuals who want a permanent crown sooner! Patients get the same, finely crafted dental crown they would before only now in less time.

Come Get Same-Day Tooth Crowns at Meridian Dental

Meridian Dental is one such dental office providing same-day crowns to patients in Wasilla, Palmer, and Alaska’s Mat-Su Valley. We are proud to offer our patients this advanced care and other technologies to help improve their dental health.

We also believe that patients shouldn’t be pushed into getting a tooth crown when a filling or another restorative dental treatment could work just as well if not better. Our dentist is esteemed in the Mat-Su for his honest assessments about what will be best for the patient. With Dr. Kris Gurr, DDS, you will never be pushed into undergoing unnecessary procedures. Come get the care you deserve by a respected and trusted dentist.

Meet with our dentist today to talk about getting a dental crown for your cracked or weakened teeth! Call our dental office with any questions you have about same-day crowns.